Various Kinds Of Metal Lathes

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metal lathe

A metal lathe is common description for rigid machine device especially designed to remove material from work piece, during action of the cutting tool. They were primarily made to machine metals; any how, with the advent of plastics and other materials, and with their inherent versatility, they have been used in a huge range of applications, and a wide range of materials.

Various types of Metal Lathes

Center lathe / Engine lathe

A center lathe is other wise known as engine lathe, it might be considered as a basis for the metal lathe and it is most often used by common machinist and hobbyist. The construction of an engine lathe is detailed above, but in fact depends up on the year of production, price range or desired features, these center lathes could differ widely among the existing models. For further convenience, the engine lathe might be considered a useful starting point.

Capstan lathe / Ram-style turret lathe

Capstan lathe is other wise well recognized a ram-style turret lathe in modern days. A capstan lathe is a production machine, which combines the characteristics of the basic lathe along with a capstan head and set of depth stops, one for every turret face. The chief body is fixed to the bed in the necessary place and all longitudinal movement is by means of short slide. It is very rare to find a capstan lathe carries with a lead screw or a taper attachment, as these lead screw threading is normally too slow for further production. A die head could be used instead of this.

Turret lathe

A turret lathe also a production machine with all appearances is as same as the capstan lathe; any how the turret slides directly on the bed rather than being fixed as capstan lathe. Oil country and hallow spindle lathes are normally comes in saddle turret type. The chief advantage associated with this kind of lathe is that various machining operation like drilling, boring, reaming etc, could be easily performed in a exclusive tool setting by make use of various tools in a hexagonal turret. This in turn reduces tool setting time.

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